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Procedures

1. Sign-in through HBT Admin.

  1.  New customers need to register with visiting this link Signup
  2. After registration email will be sent to member for payment of UMRA Traveling Voucher of $60 value (customers can send an equal amount in their local currency)
  3. Members need to send payment to HBT as per given instructions
  4. On the receipt of payment a UMRA Traveling Voucher of $60 value shall be issued to member and his account will be activated
  5. Then account activation email will be sent to the new member by HBT.
  6. Customers can also purchase UMRA Traveling Voucher of $60 value through our authorized agents in selected countries.

2. Sign-in through HBT Account

  1. HBT Members can Sign-up a new customer in HBT through funds available in their HBT Bank Account and new member signup amount will be deducted from old member Account
  2. Customers who have signup through old member HBT Bank using his cash funds will get traveling voucher from HBT equal to the purchased value in his created new accounts.
  3. Every customer gets a Welcome Letter from HBT with their transaction details included are sent to their e-mail address which was provided during the sign-up(registration) form.
  4. HBT strongly advise their customers to keep their password, security question and answers to be always kept secret & secure in a way that at any time the information must not be revealed or disclosed to any other individual. Customers doing so will be fully responsible for their act and HBT should not be blamed at any certain point.

If you follow the above procedure your HBT Account and HBT Bank will be secured and in case of a new sign-up your order will not be cancelled without prior to your knowledge.

Its highly recommended to use true information on your signup page i.e. Name, Age, Telephone Number, Address and Email Address. Any information found incorrect may result in permanent cancellation of your HBT Account.

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