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Rules and Regulations


1. HBT offers Three types of profits and Reward Programs
2. First is US$ 2 on every sale introduced by a member
3. Second US$ 30 on first two sales (1L/1R)
4. Third is US$ 30 on every 6 Sales (3L/3R)
5. HBT pays the Profit instantly on all new sales so our members dont need to wait for profit transfer to their HBT account.
6. All active HBT Account would be calculated and the Profit will be paid to the qualified HBT Account holder but maximum pay-out for HBT Step Profit is 15 steps per day (Any particular day if your HBT Steps are more than 15 then Flushing-out rule applies).


1. Every six(6) new Sales Transactions introduced and placed three (3) left and three (3) on the right of Active HBT Account will qualify for one HBT Step Profit of US$ 30.
2. The maximum pay-out for HBT Step Profit is 15 steps per day.
3. The Maximum HBT Step Profit you can earn in a day is US$450 (45L/45R) inclusive of HBT Vouchers. Profits in excess of 45 Left and 45 Right shall be considered paid and flushed out.

Products order and Resumption

1. 5 HBT Steps equal 1 Rotation.
2. HBT will convert US$30 of every fifth (5) HBT Step Profit into HBT Redemption & Order.
3. Selected HBT Product will automatically be redeemed for product which has accumulated the Redemption & Order amount equal to the selected product cost. This default system is to ensure that customer receives HBT Products as fast as possible.
4. All Redemption & Order amounts are valid to redeem a product with in Ten (10) Years’ time limit. Redemption & Order amounts are not transferable to another HBT Account, and are not redeemable for cash
5. Earned HBT Redemption & Order amounts will be shown in your HBT Redemption & Order Section.
Any HBT products or traveling package can be redeemed as per give option in your HBT account but you must have sufficient balance in your HBT Redemption & Order Section.
6. Auto redemption will be made when a user has accumulated specify amount in his Redemption & Order section.


1. This is an extra incentive for every customer directly introduced by you.
2. Direct Reward Profit shall be US$2.00 on every new signup activated and you will earn on each new individual introduced by you to HBT.


1. It is the responsibility of the respective customers to view, print and/or download their respective Profit Statement accordingly and it is also highly advisable that all Customers print a copy of their Profit Statement for their own safekeeping.
2. It is the responsibility of all HBT Customers to read, understand and check their respective Profit Statements accordingly. Customers must notify HBT Admin for any error or omission within same days from the date thereof, after which the Company will not be responsible for any discrepancy and shall not entertain whatsoever claim that may arise.


1. The HBT Non-Active Refund Policy is valid for customers who have not received/requested Product, any Profit or HBT voucher after 6 months from the date of becoming a HBT customer and have not exceeded the 9 months period.
2. To qualify, customers must not have earned or received any transferred amount.
3. Customers will not be able to access their HBT Account after they have received cancellation of their account and statement under refund policy. If the customer wishes to network again he/she will need to sign-in a new HBT Account.
4. In case of cancellation the customer gets 100% refund amount in their hbtrl Bank statement which could be transferred via hbtrl Bank to any active customer or could be used to register a new customer at the same place.


This service helps you to monitor activities performed on your HBT Account. After subscription, this service can only be unsubscribed by the email notification(s) of this service that you will receive on your primary email address
HBT Notification Service subscription period is 6 months for a fee of US$ 15.00.
By Activating this service user gets notification email for any or all below mentioned activities in their account as selected by the HBT member.

1. Login to HBT Account
2. Locking/Unlocking of HBT Account
3. Any transaction performed in HBT Account

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